Snag the Flag game

Snag the Flag game

The Snag the Flag game combines fitness activities, charades, science, and trivia in a game for ages six and up. You need two to six players, but they need not be the same ages. You could add more players by simply coming up with additional spaces for keeping score.

A small game board is used to track each player’s progress using the wipe-off marker that comes in the box. Players take turns rolling the large foam cube to determine what they need to do on each turn. The goal is to be the first to cross off six different challenges on the game board.

Three decks of cards provide most of the challenges. The card decks—Fitness, Show Time, and Trivia Challenges—each have 50 cards. The Fitness and Trivia Challenge cards have four levels of difficulty on each card. (Instructions spell out who should use which levels.) This allows the six-year-old child to play on relatively equal footing with a ten-year-old child. There is no age limit, and adults can join in the fun as well.

Fitness cards might require single or group participation to perform the action. For example, one card for a single player lists these four activities in order from the lowest level to the highest:

  • “Pretend pirates are making you walk the plank.”
  • “Perform like your favorite singer on stage under the lights.”
  • “Act like you’re backstroking across a lake in a race.”
  • “Do twenty plank jacks.” (Plank jacks are described.)

Notice that the Fitness Challenges are sometimes silly and sometimes unrelated to physical fitness.

Trivia Challenge cards present multiple-choice questions related to human anatomy, health, nutrition, and sports. Another person needs to read the question since the answer is visible in the margin of the card.

Show Time Challenges require players to act out complex scenarios while someone else reads the scenario out loud. These are very silly, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Players get credit if they get applause from the other players. Most Show Time Challenges will test the acting skills of even a seasoned professional as they quickly shift from one action to another or to a mental activity that needs to be conveyed. Consider just one example I pulled at random: 

When you sleep, you’re supposed to get between 7 and 8 hours a night. But I couldn’t sleep because nobody turned on my night light. I dreamed of monsters jumping out of my closet and hopping around my bed. I tried to count sheep, but I counted horrors instead. I pulled my covers up and tried to dream of a place that is cool. But I couldn’t fall asleep easily like I do when I’m in school.

These challenges are all written with rhyming verses, although they are not printed on the cards as poetic lines.

Players can’t goof off when it’s another player’s turn. If a player rolls “Snag the Flag” on the cube, everyone tries to be the first to grab their flag—one of the long colored ribbons that come with the game. The winner gets to mark off one of their challenges. Rolling “Wild” on the cube allows the player to select whichever type of challenge they still need to complete.

It seems to me that players are likely to get credit for any decent effort on Fitness and Show Time Challenges. Players can pull ahead by snagging flags and answering Trivia Challenges correctly. So while the game has competitive elements, it is largely designed to get players moving around and having fun together. It seems like great fun for homeschooling families or small groups.

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