Character and Skills for Home and Careers

Character and Skills for Home and Careers

This course on auto and home repair is divided into five chapters, with each chapter presented in a separate soft cover book of 31-40 pages each that is non-consumable. Each chapter book has a consumable activities book in which students write their answers. Titles of the five chapters are: Auto Repair, Carpentry, Home Remodeling, Electrical, and Construction. A separate Teacher's Resource Kit has reproducible black line masters for quizzes and tests plus answer keys. The kit also comes with a CD-ROM with all of these items for easy printing.

Each chapter book is written with a story format so that learning takes place within the context of a person or group completing an actual project. For example, in Auto Repair, teenager James buys a dilapidated 1957 Chevy Belair for $600 and learns how to get it into running condition. Construction is based on a family's project rebuilding the old family homestead.

Course content deals with projects that might be tackled by a person or a family rather than larger business-type projects. It provides a practical foundation for dealing with home and auto repair projects even though it does not attempt to cover everything a home owner or car owner might encounter. For example, problems encountered with newer cars are not addressed. Some things such as septic tanks and drilling wells won't be encountered by most suburbanites. Along with project skills, students also learn something about budgeting and money management. Characters in the stories demonstrate positive character and attitudes along with subtle lessons about developing positive relationships.

There is no hands-on component to the course, although that could always be added for any of the topics. The course can be completed through independent study.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum courses always include character development in the form of “Life Principle” quotations that students are to memorize. Quotes are intended to be motivational, and they are not religious in content. Students are tested on these quotes.

The course should take one semester to complete.

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complete course: print books - $95.95, PDFs - $40.96

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Instant Key

  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: low
  • Learning Environment: independent study
  • Grade Level: grades 9-12
  • Educational Methods: life applications
  • Technology: PDF, CD-ROM
  • Educational Approaches: traditional
  • Religious Perspective: secular but Christian friendly

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