Junior Money Makers: Financial Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs

Junior Money Makers: Financial Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs

Junior Money Makers: Financial Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs is a series of free podcasts that promote entrepreneurship for kids. Host Mark Tilsher’s goal is to encourage children and teens to create their own small business ventures as a way to make money and develop valuable life skills. While kids are the target audience, there is much in these podcasts for adults to learn. Mark’s enthusiastic and encouraging attitude should inspire both kids and adults.

Most of the podcasts present specific business ideas such as lawn mowing, face painting, dog walking, and creating voice overs.  Service type businesses are recommended more than product selling businesses because they are generally simpler and require less up-front investment. Some podcasts feature interviews with kids who have already started a business.

Don’t miss the special podcast, number 015, an interview with CPA Carol Topp who talks about business licenses, sales tax, and other government requirements that business owners need to consider.

You can access the podcasts through iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/junior-money-makers-financial-mentorship-for-young/id1263626265?mt=2 or Stitcher at https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/junior-money-makers?refid=stpr. I found that I could access the podcasts on my computer very easily through the Stitcher site without downloading any apps.

Sometimes there are helpful show notes with links on the Junior Money Makers website

Mark loves to interact with his audience. If you scroll to the bottom of the website homepage, there are links where kids can leave a question by voice mail that Mark might answer on one of his podcasts.  There’s also a “Get Featured” link for young entrepreneurs to get in touch and share their stories with him. Mark also offers a mentorship program to entrepreneurs of all ages for a fee.

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