Using John Saxon's Math Books

Using John Saxon's Math Books

Author Art Reed is an expert in the use of the math books authored by John Saxon from Math 54 through Calculus. Reed addresses such questions as whether or not you can skip problems, which text to use for a student, the best sequence of books to use prior to Algebra 1, the use of calculators, and the issue of credit for a Geometry course.

This is a straightforward, "here's what you need to know" book. It's packed with detailed information even down to issues such as when you can mix components from different editions of a particular text. There is some repetition since, after the general introductory information, each text is addressed separately. But this also makes it possible for you to read only the sections regarding books you are considering.

Reed expresses his opinions with no apologies. You might or might not agree with all he says. He does make one minor recommendation with which I must disagree. On page 53, he recommends checking with the California Board of Education before using Math 54 as a fourth grade textbook. I would never urge a homeschooling family in California to contact the BOE unless absolutely necessary.

Parents and tutors should purchase and read this book BEFORE selecting a Saxon math book to ensure they get the right book.

With purchase of the book, you also receive a subscription (limited time) to Reed's online newsletter. The newsletter contains "the latest suggestions, tips and comments from other homeschool parents and recommendations about new book editions, as well as current web links to known errors in the books, a tutorial site for the TI-83 and TI-84 graphing calculators, on-line placement tests, on-line Facts Practice, and other topics."

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