King of the Golden City

King of the Golden City

This allegorical tale is perfect for young girls. (While the story line might also appeal to boys, all the children in the story are girls.) The King of the Golden City is also King of the Land of Exiles. Inhabitants of the Land of Exiles make choices that either prepare them for life in the Golden City or they choose the "broad" but false path of Malignus.

The little maiden Flos is visited by the King who helps her prepare herself to live among the other princes and princesses of the Golden City. The story begins with her initial excitement as the King gives her a new name, Dilecta, and instructs her in what she must do. The allegory follows Dilecta through the dimming of her love for the King, then the renewal of her commitment to Him. She faces temptations and distractions, but learns to make wise choices to live a life pleasing to the King.

This is a sweet story, particularly appropriate for children about 6-10 years old. It makes special references to Holy Communion which might make First Communion year the ideal time to read it.

An optional companion study guide has lesson activities to accompany each chapter. Lesson activities include vocabulary words, comprehension/discussion questions, and project suggestions such as drawing, making a chart, or writing.

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book - $18.50
study guide - $12.95

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  • Religious Perspective: Catholic
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