Then and Now Bible Maps

Then and Now Bible Maps

Clear plastic overlays set this Bible map book apart from others. The book itself is 8 1/2" x 11" with a hardcover and metal spiral binding—quite durable.

Inside, full-color maps from Bible times are accompanied by one or more clear overlays showing political changes over time. For example, one map of the Holy Land and surrounding area shows the division of the land into areas for each of the twelve tribes of Israel in about 1300 B.C. The first overlay shows expansion and changes at the time of the United Kingdom around 1020 B.C. A third overlay jumps to 900 B.C. and the Divided Kingdom. A fourth overlay shows modern political boundaries. The other maps have only one overlay each showing the Bible times configuration on the original map and the modern configuration on the overlay.

On the reverse of each map are "fascinating facts" related to the facing map.

A two-page Bible Timeline at the back shows which books of the Bible cover each time period, key events in salvation history, and parallel secular historical events. (Note that this timeline follows the same outline as Jeff Cavin's Great Adventure Bible Timeline System.) Finally, there's an index at the end to help you find particular places.

The entire book is only 20 pages in length. Despite its brevity, this is a valuable tool to have on hand as you read from the Bible.

The version pictured includes mention of the deuterocanonical books contained in Catholic Bibles. A Protestant edition is also available from Rose Publishing. You can distinguish them by ISBNs, and the Catholic version has The Great Adventure scroll logo at the bottom of the front cover. In addition, Rose Publishing also offers a "deluxe" version that includes both digital files and a print book.

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Catholic edition: ISBN 978-1932645170
Protestant edition from Rose Publishing: ISBN 978-09655508209

Then and Now Bible Maps: With Clear Plastic Overlays of Modern Day Cities and Countries

Then and Now Bible Maps: With Clear Plastic Overlays of Modern Day Cities and Countries
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