Know & Grow Bible study series/Children's Inductive Bible Studies (CIBS)

Know & Grow Bible study series/Children's Inductive Bible Studies (CIBS)

This is a series of inductive Bible studies for children based on the approach used in the well-known Precept Upon Precept studies. Children learn how to dig into Scripture as they work through the lessons. Thus far in the series are Know & Grow in 2 Timothy, Know & Grow in Understanding God, and Know & Grow in Sermon on the Mount, Parts I and II. Large-print copies of 2 Timothy and a section of Ephesians (New American Standard version) are at the back of the book for students to work with.

Students identify key words by marking them with special symbols. They explore the who, what, where, when, and why for selected people and events. They make topical lists of facts. Periodic review reinforces the learning. Lessons are completed with an action--something to put the learning into practice. The author sums it up well: "The student will glean basic facts from the text of Scripture (knowledge), learn how these truths fit together in context with the whole counsel of God's Word (understanding), and begin to see how the reality of these truths can make a difference in their lives now (wisdom)."

The beauty of this type of study is that it teaches children how to search out the Scriptures for themselves. The fifteen lessons in this book can be completed as a family study or used for independent study. However, each student should have his or her own book since there is a great deal of written activity plus Scripture worksheets students use frequently. (Books are not reproducible.) Children who are not yet writing can do much of the work orally.

Teaching Guides come in two formats: individual or group. Both Teaching Guides outline the lessons, provide additional Scripture references, teaching tips, and answers (when appropriate). They include information about the tools being taught, cross-references, and suggested music to help "anchor the truth to their hearts through a melody." Group Guides add group discussion ideas with more cross references and applications.

This is not an activity-oriented study; the only activity I spotted was making a "salvation bracelet or necklace" to be used as both a personal reminder and a witnessing tool. The Know & Grow approach should work well in home schools, day schools, or Sunday schools.

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Student Books $20.00 each
Teaching Guides $5.00 each
Group Teaching Guides $10.00 each

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  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: varies
  • Learning Environment: family or independent study
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant
  • Grade Level: grades 2-10

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