Korean Storybook Series

Korean Storybook Series

Pamela Kopechek has created a series of books to help children learn the Korean language. Since I haven't studied Korean myself, I cannot provide a full review. However, these look they are well worth letting my readers know about.

The Korean Storybook Notebook should be useful as soon as you want children to begin to practice writing Korean letters. The book explains both how to read and write Korean. On the back cover it shows how to form Korean letters. Grid paper with squares is also included for practicing writing Korean syllable blocks.

The first of two storybooks is Let's Go Together. It features delightful drawings with simple text in Korean. Under the Korean text, it shows the pronunciation and a translation into English. Pronunciation and vocabulary assistance is at the bottom of some pages, and there are a few pages on how to read Korean and form words by arranging Korean letters into syllable blocks at the back of the book.

Little Red Riding Hood has substantially more text, so it should probably follow after Let's Go Together. Teaching methods are the same as the first book, and while the artwork is in a different style than the first book, it is equally delightful.

Free worksheets, audio files, and other helps are available on the Resources page at http://koreanstorybook.com/resources/.

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Let's Go Together!


Little Red Riding Hood: a Korean Storybook

Little Red Riding Hood: a Korean Storybook

Korean Storybook Notebook: Handwriting Practice

Korean Storybook Notebook: Handwriting Practice
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