Veritas Press Grade Level Packages

Veritas Press Grade Level Packages

Veritas Press sells grade-level packages of complete curriculum, including Bible courses, for kindergarten through twelfth grade. This is a classical Christian curriculum that teaches Latin as early as second grade. Their packages include many resources they publish themselves (e.g., Bede’s History of US, the Pages of History series, Phonics Museum, the Legends and Leagues series, Composition One and Two, and the Omnibus courses) along with resources from other publishers, such as Saxon math courses, Shurley English, The Thinking Toolbox, The Phonetic Zoo, the Latin for Children series, and Wheelock’s Latin.

They sell “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” packages for each level. Veritas Press’s Self-Paced courses for Bible and history and their Live Online courses (available for third grade and above) are offered as options. Note that Live Online courses, when included in a grade-level package, will add a substantial additional cost. Only the deposit for that course is covered in the initial cost of the program.) Even with the three types of packages, there are many ways to customize them.

The Good packages include your curriculum for all subjects, but they do not include lesson plans. Some Good packages include Self-Paced courses, and the Good packages for high school even include some Live Online courses (again, only the deposit for Live Online courses is covered in the basic package fee). Some of the customization options are your choice of a book-based course or a Live Online course, but you might occasionally have the option of choosing a course about a different era of history, a different level for math, or another such option. Some courses allow you to deduct from the cost if you already own books or components.

Let’s look at the three third-grade packages as an example. The Best package for third grade includes all of the following plus scripted lesson plans:

  • Self-Paced Bible course with options for which part of the Bible to study
  • Live Online Grammar & Writing 3 course (only the deposit is covered) that uses Shurley English, Classically Cursive handwriting, and course material from the Institute for Excellence in Writing for composition. There’s an option for only the course materials and lesson plans (offline course) or an option for the lower-level Grammar & Writing 2.
  • Self-Paced history course with options for different time periods and one higher-level course 
  • book-based course for geography with the Live Online course as an option at extra cost
  • Live Online beginning Latin course (only the deposit cost is covered) with no options
  • linguistics course that uses The Phonetic Zoo A
  • Live Online literature course (only the deposit cost is covered) with no options
  • math course using Saxon Math 5/4, with options for two other Saxon math courses at higher and lower levels
  • art course using the book Drawing with Children
  • Live Online Memory Period course (to work on memorization and recitation) (only the deposit cost is covered)

The Good package for third grade does not include art or Memory Period courses, and lesson plans (when available) are an option at an additional cost. The package includes Self-Paced courses for Bible and history. The Grammar & Writing course provides you with the books and course material you need and the option to use a lower level. The geography and linguistics courses are the same as in the Best option. The Latin course includes books, DVDs, and a CD, and there is an option for a Live Online course. Literature is a book-based course with an option for a lower-level course.

The Better package for third grade includes scripted lesson plans, deposits for the Live Online Latin course and other courses that are in the Good package, the art course included in the Best package, plus options for Live Online courses for Grammar & Writing 3, history, and Memory Period.


The Veritas Press packages are unusual because they include a mixture of online, live, and offline courses. I think this is just what many parents are looking for because many students do better with a mixture of course delivery options. Depending upon the package and options selected, Veritas Press helps parents provide their children with a customized classical education program using some great resources.

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