Scripture Scribes

Scripture Scribes

Scripture Scribes is a series of ten handwriting workbooks for preschoolers through adults. These beautiful books have attractive covers and interior layouts. Once past the Pre-Primarily level, you can either select from a few options for each level or use most of them.

Various versions of the Bible as well as Catechism questions are used as the sources for verses to be used for copywork practice. All of the books for the Primary and Upper School levels include a few scattered pages that explain some history of the transmission of the Bible through the centuries.

The manuscript style for the first two books, Pre-Primary Volume I and Primary Volume I, is ball-and-stick; straight up and down in the first book and slanted manuscript in the second. The cursive style for the rest of the books is fairly traditional.

All Pre-Primary and Primary level books provide dotted letter forms for tracing as well as blank lines for their own writing. The height of the lines gradually decreases as students move up to the next level, but they are the same size for all books in a level.

All except the Pre-Primary book are perfect bound. They do not easily lie flat, so you might want to remove pages as you use them.

Pre-Primary Volume I: From Scribbler to Scribe begins with practice with curved and straight lines then moves on to letter formation. Gradually, it introduces words and then brief Bible verses appropriate for beginning writers. This book might be used over more than one year depending upon the developmental rate of the child. The book's coil binding allows it to lie flat for easier writing.

Primary Volume I: Who Made Me? uses simplified catechism-style questions and answers backed up by Scripture verses. Children learn how to print the letters in slanted manuscript form, then practice through copywork. It might be used with students in grades one through three.

Primary Volume II: My Whole Heart presents verses in cursive form. This book provides instruction for cursive forms. Once students have learned the forms, they practice with copywork. It uses verses from the ESV, NKJV, NIV, and NET translations. This is recommended for grades one through three.

Primary Volume III: His Name is Wonderful provides cursive practice using verses from ESV, KJV, NIV, NASB NKJV, and ICB translations. This is recommended for grades one through three.

Primary Volume IV: Practicing Proverbs is unique in that it is written especially for left-handed writers. While the cover looks just like the other books, the inside of the book is laid out in landscape mode so that students open from the top of a page and can easily put their arm on the left side of the book. It uses verses from the ESV, NKJV, NIV, and KJV translations. This is recommended for grades one through three.

Primary Volume V: Psalms and Proverbs for Young Catholics draws verses from the Douay Rheims translation. Note that this is the only Scripture Scribes course that uses a Catholic translation of the Bible. It is recommended for grades one through three.

Intermediate Volume I: One Another might be used for students in grades four through eight. This book does something different in that it presents each verse in four different translations, drawing from the ESV, NIV, KJV, NKJV, and ICB translations. Some parents will appreciate the opportunity to expose their children to multiple translations and others will not.

Intermediate Volume II: Savoring Psalms uses only the KJV for its verses. This book is recommended for students in fourth through sixth grades.

Upper School Volume I: Words for Men of Honor, Women of Grace asks profound questions such as “What is peace?” and provides answers from Scripture along with quotes from famous people. It is suggested for grades seven through twelve, but it might also be used by adults. It uses verses from the ESV, KJV, NIV, and NET translations.

Upper School Volume II: Walking With God also targets teens and adults with verses that might also be used for meditation. Verses are drawn from the ESV and NKJV translations.

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