Geography Songs - Sing Around The World CD

Geography Songs - Sing Around The World CD

Geography Songs includes a CD, a workbook, and a giant map. The CD features 23 "catchy" songs. The workbook has words to each song, maps, a crossword puzzle, a test, and answer key. The giant map shows the world, the 50 states, and the solar system. All of these work together to build familiarity with the locations of planets, continents, countries, and states. Many of the songs are sung in a style that reflects the culture of the geographical area which helps with memory association. Children color and label the world map.

This is by no means comprehensive geography but, instead, serves as introduction to further study. Children will probably lose interest if you have them listen through the entire CD at once, so the best way to use Sing Around The World is to only use the song, map section and puzzles that relate to whatever country or continent you are studying at the moment. The workbook is reproducible, so one set is all you need for the entire family. The most important thing these songs will do is help students recognize and associate countries, states, etc. in geographical areas. The CD is available on its own if you are not interested in the workbook.

Geography Songs is updated periodically to keep up with current geographical information.

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Geography Songs CD - $12.95Geography Songs Kit w/ CD, book, world map - $22.95Geography Songs Book - $6.95 (Same as the book in the kit.)

Audio Memory Geography Songs CD Only

Audio Memory Geography Songs CD Only

Geography Songs

Geography Songs
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  • Grade Level: grades 3-6
  • Suitable For: group or independent study
  • Educational Approaches: eclectic, unschooling or relaxed homeschooling, traditional
  • Educational Methods: memorization, music
  • Technology: audio CD

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