Let’s Go Geography

Let’s Go Geography

Let’s Go Geography is a downloadable geography course for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Year 1 is available at this point, with more to come. The course is presented in weekly lessons rather than as one large book. You can have your lessons delivered through weekly emails, or you can access all lessons through your account.

You will need to print a number of activity pages, and many of them require color printing. (Permission is given to reproduce pages for your homeschool or for a single classroom.) You will also want to keep the lesson file on a device connected to the internet since you will be accessing many resources online—You Tube videos, maps, information for students to read, etc.

There are 32 lessons, ideally to be used one per week. Four break weeks are scheduled to stretch the course out over 36 weeks. Four of the 32 weeks are review weeks that are used to reinforce what students have learned through a full week's worth of activities.

Children will create a Travel Journal for all of their coursework using a three-ring binder. Colorful Travel Journal cover pages are provided for free along with instructions and images for creating your own divider pages for sections for each continent or group of continents.

Lessons bounce around the globe. The first lesson explores the northeast region of the United States. From there, lessons for the first third of the course progress through Hawaii, Canada, Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, Greenland, and Chile—covering selected states, countries or regions from North and South America. The second third of the year is spent on countries of Europe and Africa while the final third selects countries from Asia and Oceania. Given the selective coverage, it is easy to see how subsequent courses can continue to cover other countries and regions in the same fashion.

Each lesson features a variety of activities, videos to watch, and books to read that are suitable for the different ages within the kindergarten through fourth grade range. In addition, you can choose among activities those that best meet the learning style needs of your children. You should not try to complete all activities.

For example, for the first week, students can color in the United States on a map; answer questions based on the map; color in northeastern states on a more-detailed map of the U.S.; add labels to this second map and answer questions about the map; color, cut, and paste an image of the U.S. flag onto a printable activity page; listen to the Star-Spangled Banner; explore different regions through video links and reading material on linked websites; color the coloring page included in the lesson plan; and/or make a lighthouse craft. Some brief information is included within the lesson, but most information will be gleaned from web sources or library books. Older students might use the printable notebooking page to write about what they’ve learned. That page along with map work and other activity pages goes into the student’s Travel Journal. Some color images of sites from the region are included within the lesson, and these, too, can be printed and added to the binder as well. Most lessons follow a similar format, summarized in each lesson’s “itinerary” as map, flag, music, explore, and color or craft.

As lessons progress, students learn a few basic geographic vocabulary terms such as latitude, longitude, and Equator. However, since the course is introductory, the emphasis is upon exposure to information rather than memorization and mastery. Through videos in particular, children are learning what the countries and their people are actually like. While they are exposed to some factual information, they are most likely to retain the cultural connections and memories of some geographical features and famous sites.

You can also obtain library books to read for each week’s lesson. Let’s Go Geography’s author, Carol Henderson, provides the library call number for the section where you will find books on the region being studied that week, but since using them is optional, there are no specific recommended titles nor are there activities to be completed based on the library books.

There is an optional, downloadable file for creating a Kid’s Passport that can be purchased for $2.99. It has pages for the different continents where students can paste images of each country’s flag as they study the country. You can use this one file over and over again.

Let’s Go Geography requires some effort on the part of parents or teachers to preview options and determine what is most suitable for their children. Gathering crafts supplies and library books also might take extra time. Nevertheless, having options makes it easier to tailor the course to your children and your circumstances. This is especially helpful for this younger age group where interests and abilities vary widely.

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$21.99 for complete Year 1, $12.99 per semester if paid in two installments, $14.99 for only one semester, or $2.49 each for individual lessons

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