States and Capitals Songs Kit (CD)

States and Capitals Songs Kit (CD)

Children can sing along with this CD to learn names and locations of the states and their capitals. The CD has fourteen songs with catchy tunes. The kit comes with a 25" by 36" map which children label and color. The CD is also sold on its own. The CD is great for about grades 3 through 6.

Children who benefit from a more visual presentation might prefer the DVD version States & Capitals Video with animated color graphics. The DVD runs 30 minutes.

For slightly older students in grade 4 through 9, you might want to use the reproducible 50 States Crosswords book. It has a puzzle for each state plus Washington, D.C.




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States & Capitals Song CD - $9.95, States & Capitals Song Kit w/ CD, U.S. map - $12.95, States & Capitals DVD - $15.00, U.S. Map - $3.00 (Same as the map in the kit.), U.S. Crossword Puzzle Book - $9.95

Audio Memory States & Capitals CD Only

Audio Memory States & Capitals CD Only
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  • Prep Time Needed: none
  • Teacher's Manual: N/A
  • Educational Methods: music

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