Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book or CD-ROM

Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book or CD-ROM

This 8.5" x 11" book features more than 100 reproducible, detailed outline maps that can be used by students of all ages. "General Instructions" at the beginning of the book offers suggestions for using the maps, even for literature and science studies. There are maps of the world, countries, ancient civilizations, the United States, and individual states. Maps outlines are extremely detailed, for example, including the little islands off the coast of a country. Rivers and bodies of water are lightly shaded, so they might still be colored. Longitude and latitude lines are shown, and there is scale on each map.

You can purchase the CD-ROM version of this book and actually get an additional 21 maps. With the CD you can print out maps, as many and as often as you need.

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Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book, 3rd Edition

Uncle Josh

Uncle Josh's Outline Maps on CD-ROM

Uncle Josh
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  • Suitable For: all situations
  • Audience: grades 2-12
  • Need For parent/Teacher Instruction: moderate
  • Prep Time Needed: neutral
  • Teacher's Manual: N/A

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