A Timeline for All Time: A Timeline Workbook with Historical Illustrations

A Timeline for All Time: A Timeline Workbook with Historical Illustrations

A Timeline for All Time is a great method for creating a timeline within a single book.

I'll start with the timeline itself. First, it comes as a thick plastic wire bound book with laminated covers, laid out in landscape rather than portrait format. Pages are a nice quality gray cardstock—super durable. About half the pages have timeline dates running across the bottom of the pages with lines above. You can paste in illustrations or write in text on the lines as you prefer. The book begins with a page for "Creation to 4100 B.C." then continues through the year 2029. The spacing of years/centuries changes as you would expect, with more space provided as we have more recorded history that might be included.

This timeline reflects a Christian (Protestant) worldview with significant attention given to figures of the Reformation.

Following the basic timeline are four pages for personal family timelines, 12 map pages, and 26 timeline pages that allow for expanded information on wars in which the U.S. has been involved. Instructions for keying timeline information to the map pages is included, but I'd personally prefer to use the maps as masters and use them in other ways.

The rest of the book consists of pages and pages of lovely illustrations that you might use in creating the timeline. Illustrations were collected from old books in the public domain. That means there are no illustrations provided for the twentieth century; you will need to draw or find your own, or else write about events rather than use illustrations. While the majority of the illustrations are of people, there are also many for events, places, and things such as a Viking ship and an ox-plow. A plastic pocket page at the back will hold figures that you cut from the pages for future use.

Ideally, each child in your family will have his or her own timeline book, although it certainly is possible to create one book together as a family.

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