Knowledge Quest Maps and Timelines

Terri Johnson has created marvelous collections of maps and timelines that can be used alongside all of your history studies for all grade levels for both world history and U.S. history.

Map Trek

Map TrekMap Trek is a set of five different collections of maps. World maps are divided into four time periods: Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. For each period, there are about 60 labeled maps plus an equal number of corresponding unlabeled maps, four or five pages of lesson plans, and a page with a glossary of terms and a list of geographical regions or places covered.The selection of maps is quite broad. There are maps from Asia and other parts of the world, but the collections and the activities reflect an essentially western civilization approach.

Map Trek U.S. Edition can be used with your U.S. History studies as well as for geography. There are 53 historical maps, 50 state maps, three U.S. maps, and 106 student maps. Historical maps cover topics such as exploration and expansion, Native American tribal groups, the original colonies, and the Civil War. But they also cover other topics that arise in United States history courses such as WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the war in Vietnam, the Gulf War, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom—a high proportion of war coverage among these maps. As with the world history maps, lesson plan suggestions are included.

Each collection of maps comes with lesson plans for grades 1 through 12, with plans divided into three levels of difficulty. Lesson plans are essentially activity suggestions for research and entries on the maps.

Map Trek can serve as both an atlas and as a source for blackline maps that can be used alongside just about any history course or unit study. Teacher maps are in full color with answers overprinted. Student maps have light shading but no overprinting. These maps include places and geographical features for identification/labeling and there is room for students to add their own information whether it be cities, battle lines, or geographical features such as rivers or mountains. The unlabeled maps have no labeling other than the title of the map. These unlabeled maps are suitable for older students sixth grade and up.

Map Trek collections may be purchased as the Complete Collection covering all four time periods and the U.S. Edition or as individual sets. The complete collection has more than 465 world maps plus the U.S. Edition maps. The Complete Collection is available only as a package of a hard cover book with a CD-ROM, while individual collections are sold only as downloadable e-books.

Permission is given to reproduce maps for personal use but not for an entire classroom or school. (Contact the publisher for information on classroom use.)


Wall Timelines of World History follow the same breakdown as the Map Trek world history maps with four separate timelines. Each timeline is ten feet long by one foot tall—this is really long. Be sure to measure off wall space before ordering if you want to keep one or more of them up all the time.

Timelines are printed with just enough color to make them visually appealing but not too busy when students begin to add stickers, drawings, and information. Each timeline comes with a set of 150 category stickers. These are not for specific people or events but rather for 16 different categories like art, exploration and discovery, and wars and conflict. (You can order a packet of an additional 300 stickers if you need extra.)

Wonders of Old

Wonders of Old

Those who lack ten-foot long blank walls might be interested in the timeline book, Wonders of Old: A Blank Timeline Book of World History. This is a beautiful 96-page hardcover book with pages printed on 70 lb. paper. Most of the pages are your timeline pages marked off into time periods. The book is divided into the same four sections as the other timelines and map resources. The book comes with a postcard to be sent in to the publisher for a free set of 125 timeline category stickers. For each section of the book, there are a few pages of key events and dates that students might enter on the timeline.

Wonders of Old comes with a companion CD-ROM with printable files. The CD-ROM also has files and instructions for printing out timeline category stickers. I also appreciate the CD's instructions for how to easily print out double-sided pages on a printer that does only one side at a time.


None of these timeline options includes actual figures. Timeline figures from sources such as History Through the Ages will work fine with Knowledge Quest timelines.

Knowledge Quest has really covered all the bases with their high quality maps and timelines in formats to suit just about everyone.

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Map Trek : $55 for hardcover book and CD-ROM for complete set, individual world history sets (ebooks only) $14.95 each, U.S. edition - $19.95
Timelines (four in all): $19.95 each or $65 for all four
Wonders of Old: $24.95

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