Front Porch History: Researching and Telling Your Family's Stories

Front Porch History: Researching and Telling Your Family's Stories

Tammy Cardwell describes her personal family history project in this 74-page book. She tells how she sought out historical documents, letters, and memorabilia then encouraged living family members to write about particular memories. Tammy compiled this collection, to which she added her own writings, to create a beautiful book. She includes details of the actual production of the book and worksheets for collecting and organizing data.

Sharing about her experience, Tammy relates many of the pitfalls she encountered and many things she would do differently next time. One of the most important recommendations she makes is that you include your children in the project. Veteran homeschooler, Peggy Flint, then adds a chapter where she describes ways to translate Tammy's ideas into unit studies that involve your children.

The appendices with reviews of recommended resources are very helpful to anyone interested in the subject. Although the book sometimes focuses too much on what Tammy thinks she should have done differently, it does serve as a practical guide for tackling such projects.

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Front Porch History: Researching and Telling Your Family's Stories

Front Porch History: Researching and Telling Your Family
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