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    Math Supplements For All grade Levels

    Math Supplements K - 2nd Grade

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    Math Supplements 4th Grade

    CAUTION: Fourth or fifth grade is when the failure to understand concepts which have been taught earlier often shows up. Sometimes children can progress well through math programs by simple rote learning of processes. At upper levels they need to combine a number of processes and understand how and why to do so. If they have not understood what they have been learning, they begin to stumble at this point. If your child is having trouble with fraction functions or word problems at this point, back up and review as much as necessary before continuing. It will probably be necessary to reteach via a different method rather than simply repeating the same instruction the student did not comprehend the first time. Manipulatives are often the key to understanding in such situations.

    Of particular interest at this level is Key To Fractions (Key Curriculum Press), a great resource for additional help with fraction concepts.

    Math Supplements 5th Grade

    If you're using a math program that lacks manipulatives, think about supplementing your with hands-on presentations and/or applications, both to enhance learning and to make math more enjoyable.

    Math Supplements 6th Grade

    Do not neglect practical application and rely on the textbook to cover everything. Look for life application situations to use math—at the market, figuring wallpaper/carpeting footage, balancing bank accounts, construction projects, and small business ventures.

    Math Supplements Grades 7-12

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