Math Antics

Math Antics

Math Antics® has free videos covering about 80 math topics for students in grades three through eight. These videos are supplemental rather than core curriculum.

The videos are viewable either through the Math Antics website or on YouTube®. On the Math Antics website, all of the videos are arranged by topic, so it’s easy to find what you need. Topics are not identified by grade level, so it’s up to you to figure out what students should watch.

The professionally produced videos run about six to thirteen minutes each. The video lessons are presented by Rob, and he dresses up in crazy costumes from time to time. All of the videos use colorful graphics and animations to explain each topic and work through sample problems.

While all of the videos are free, you can sign up for a very inexpensive, one-year membership and get access to downloadable exercises, worksheets, and answer keys for each topic. The exercises are presented on only one page while the worksheets are sets of four or five pages with problems. Separate answer keys are available for both. You can print these out for a family or one classroom. You can view quite a few sample exercises and worksheets on the website before subscribing. Note that memberships do not automatically renew, a feature I appreciate.

The program does not track students or keep any kind of records. That’s up to parents and teachers.

Math Antics is a very useful resource that’s well presented and easy to use—I’m surprised that the videos are free. And the very low cost for access to the exercises and worksheets is a bonus. If you need to supplement your math program from time to time, you should check out this option.

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Free videos
Membership for accessing exercises and worksheets - $10 a year

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  • Learning Environment: independent study
  • Grade Level: grades 3-8
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