Learning Wrap-Ups

Learning Wrap-Ups

Learning Wrap-Ups® help to increase speed in fact recognition. Each Wrap-Up has twelve items on its left side and twelve on its right that need to be matched properly. For example, the Wrap-Up "key" for multiplication by the number 4 has the numbers 1 through 12 in mixed order on the left, with products of 4 times those numbers on the right (in mixed order). Grooves next to each number allow the user to guide the attached string from a groove on the left across to the groove next to the corresponding answer on the right. The string continues around the back and forward through the next groove on the left. When all grooves have been used, the user looks at the back of the Wrap-Up. Raised lines show where the string will lie if all grooves have been connected properly. If any lines are showing, there is an error. 

Wrap-ups come in groups of ten keys—all on a related topics—with the set permanently connected together with a rivet at the top. A single string connected to the rivet is used on whichever of the ten "keys" a student is using. Sets related to math are available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, numbers, shapes and logic, and fractions (identification and equivalencies), and pre-algebra. 

The Math Intro Kit includes sets of Wrap-Ups for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions, plus a very brief guide and four rap song CDs. Each CD covers the math facts for one of the four math functions. You can also purchase a version of the kit without the CDs.

If you want to focus on one function at a time in math, you can buy Wrap-Ups in individual sets, but I would recommend the sets that include the "10 Days" book. For example, 10 Days to Addition Mastery works with the Addition Wrap-Ups Keys. The 32-page, reproducible book provides lesson plans that incorporate the Wrap-Ups with interactive and worksheet activities. Some of the worksheets are fairly normal and some are very creative. Timed activities help children develop rapid fluency. A simple game "board" in the book adds a bit of fun interaction. A few activities requiring more than one student might not work for all homeschoolers, but those can be skipped or adapted. Similar, 32-page "10 Days" books and kits are available for subtraction and division. You can buy these sets with or without the rap CDs.

New versions of the 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery kits for addition, subtraction, and multiplication expands the books to 64 pages with even more creative worksheets. These kits automatically include a Rap Audio CD with songs to helps students master the math facts.

All of these workbooks are great for presenting various ways of learning and drilling, and they really are set up for children to master their math facts in ten days.

Learning Wrap-Ups for Pre-Algebra should be very helpful to children in grades seven through nine. The Pre-Algebra set consists of 50 Wrap-Ups (in five sets of keys) covering topics like signed numbers, algebraic expressions, solving for unknowns, factoring, squares, square roots, and area formulas.

For hands-on learners, Wrap-Ups are a great way to reinforce and practice math. For children with other learning style preferences, it introduces variety into the practice and drill process, a process that can sometimes become tedious. Wrap-Ups are fun to work with, easy to handle (great to take along on trips), and effective learning tools.

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Math Introductory Kit w/ CD's

Math Introductory Kit w/ CD

Wrap Ups Pre-Algebra Introduction Kit

Wrap Ups Pre-Algebra Introduction Kit

Learning Wrap-Ups, 10 Days to Division Mastery Kit with CD Game

Learning Wrap-Ups, 10 Days to Division Mastery Kit with CD Game
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