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Sometimes you need just a little something extra or different for your children to work on for practice, review, or just for fun. Super Teacher Worksheets has hundreds of online activity pages appropriate for preK through about sixth grade that you can download in seconds. Their website used to be free, and they still make a small fraction of their total collection available for free. However, to access everything, you pay a $20 yearly subscription fee. I suspect that most homeschoolers already pay more than that for supplemental activity books.

I use the term “activity pages” rather than worksheets purposely. While the majority of the pages are worksheets, a good number are more than that as you will see from my description of what is available for various subject areas below. Most sheets are illustrated with cartoon drawings or other images or at least have graphic borders, so they look more professional than worksheets offered by some other websites. Answer keys are included when appropriate.

While I don’t have space to list all the types of activity pages, below is a good sampling of worksheets and activities that you will find under the different sections on the website.

  • For preK and kindergarten: worksheets for letter recognition, counting, shapes, and colors
  • For math: lots of pages on topics such as addition, multiplication, telling time, skip counting, place value, percents, geometry, graphing, money, and word problems; timed quizzes; simple games; Number Detective puzzles (these are really good!); and a worksheet generator for creating customized math problem worksheets
  • For reading: worksheets for phonics and sight words, reading comprehension activities with short stories and questions (arranged by grade levels), and sets of lessons (with worksheets and activities) for 20 chapter books
  • For grammar and composition: grammar worksheets, graphic organizers, writing prompts with illustrated lined pages, and editing passages with proofreading marks included in a sidebar
  • For handwriting: pages for practicing individual letters for both printing and cursive forms
  • For spelling: worksheets for weekly spelling lists, alphabetizing, and unscrambling spelling words
  • For science: activities arranged under topics such as animals, electricity, human body, and weather—there are often articles with information and plenty of worksheets closely related to those topics, possibly sufficient to construct extensive lesson plans for some of these topics
  • For social studies: worksheets heavy on geography, map skills, and United States history, plus lots of extras such as “My Explorer Report” form, articles on particular topics, cut-out figures, research reports, and timeline page templates
  • For critical thinking: rebus puzzles, hink pinks (e.g., paperback thief = book crook), addition logic squares, coded messages, and more
  • For seasons and holidays: worksheet pages across the curriculum and just-for-fun activities

In addition, there are puzzle generators to create word searches, word scrambler, and missing letter puzzles plus tools for creating your own bingo games or flashcards for any subject. Three worksheet/quiz generators for matching, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blanks questions can be used for whatever subject matter you wish. (Generated worksheets can be kept in a virtual file cabinet on the site for registered members.) Parents and teachers might also appreciate the templates for various styles of lined paper as well as the calendar generator that might also be used for purposes other than homeschooling.

I’ve looked at a few other worksheet websites, and this site is one of the best organized with high-quality worksheets and tools. The inclusion of answer keys is a real convenience since they are often missing from other sites. I think most homeschooling families will feel like they get more than their money’s worth from this site.

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Instant Key

  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: varies
  • Learning Environment: all situations
  • Grade Level: grades PreK-6
  • Educational Methods: creative activities, drawing activities, lots of variety, puzzles, research, traditional activity pages or exercises
  • Technology: PDF
  • Educational Approaches: eclectic, traditional
  • Religious Perspective: secular

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