Head for Home Word Problems

Head for Home Word Problems

Head for Home Word Problems is a series of 64-page workbooks, available for grades one through six. They are designed to supplement any math program that aligns with the Common Core State Standard for Math.

Each workbook teaches strategies for solving a variety of word problems, sometimes presenting more than one strategy for the same type of problem. For example, the Grade 3 workbook teaches two strategies for tackling division word problems. The first strategy has children draw arrays to help them solve the problems, while the second strategy teaches how to restate the word problems into equations.

For each grade, there are twelve lessons, each focused on a particular strategy. The lesson states the objective and the problem-solving strategy at the beginning then walks students through a problem, teaching the strategy step by step. After the instruction, the student solves a set of problems by applying the strategy.

Most problems have a large blank space for children to work out their solution to each problem, but there are a few multiple-choice questions, problems that have blanks to be filled in, and charts or graphs to be completed. Of course, the types of problems vary some by grade level. An answer key is at the back of each book, and I recommend removing it to avoid tempting students to take shortcuts. Students in fourth grade and above should be able to work independently, while younger students might need assistance.

The workbook for each grade level covers selected topics rather than all topics taught at that grade level. The purpose is to teach problem-solving strategies that can be applied to other math topics, especially how to translate word problems into mathematical equations.

The Head for Home workbooks are printed in full color and have plenty of space for problem-solving on the pages—they are not at all intimidating. This is especially important for the child who struggles with math and is easily overwhelmed by a page crowded with math problems to solve.

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Head for Home: Word Problems Workbook Grade 3

Head for Home: Word Problems Workbook Grade 3
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