Christ Centered Math

Christ Centered Math

This program provides a strong Scriptural foundation for arithmetic. Math Workbook A covers beginning number concepts and simple addition and subtraction. Math Workbook B includes number facts up to 20, place values in the 100s, money, time, and fractions. This is a formal program that teaches concepts in sequence with lots of repetition so it can even be used with three- and four-year-olds, covering material up through what is considered first grade level.

It begins with hands-on activity followed by workbook exercises. At the youngest level the emphasis is not quite so academic but more activity oriented. Colorful Math Flashcards use animal families and character traits adapted from Bill Gothard's Character Sketches. The Math Lesson Guides combine drill with plenty of hands-on learning using manipulatives. Packages of math manipulatives—snap cubes, place value pocket chart, place value sticks, Base Ten Blocks, and a place value mat, and more—are essential to the program and are included with each kit.

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Level A - $100.82
Level B - $152.70

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  • Educational Approaches: eclectic, traditional
  • Educational Methods: hands-on, interactive, memorization

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