Action Reading Fundamentals

Action Reading Fundamentals

Eight audio CD's and a workbook are the heart of this complete phonics reading program that can be used with beginning or remedial readers of all ages. Jeanie Eller teaches the concepts as well as instructing students when to use the accompanying workbooks or the flashcards and games that come with the workbook. There is no teacher manual—not even a note to teachers!

This is a very easy program to use! Parents/teachers follow along with students to offer reinforcement and assistance. Parents need to listen as children read aloud, and they need to oversee workbook activity and play the games with their children. On each CD, Eller indicates to children when to stop, either to do an activity or at the end of the lesson. Instruction is straightforward rather than cute or gimmicky, and Eller teaches with enthusiasm.

One minor caution: listening to one CD, I was bothered by her reference to money as being "my favorite thing," an attitude I do not want to foster. I did not listen all of the way through every tape, but found no other objections to what I did hear.

Eller teaches letters by their sounds rather than their names to prevent confusion. She teaches a slant print (or precursive) style of writing in the workbook, although models of typeset, cursive, and ball-and-stick letters are provided.

Reading practice material as well as comprehension and writing exercises are found in the workbook. Large print and appropriate amounts of written work make workbooks suitable for most young learners.

The program comes with a 3--minute DVD video aimed at both parents and children, which explains the origins of our language and offers suggestions to enhance the program.

Parents who like to have someone else do the teaching will love this program. Action Reading offers an unusual 100% satisfaction guarantee without a time limit.

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Action Reading FUNdamentals Home Phonics Tutorial Program

Action Reading FUNdamentals Home Phonics Tutorial Program
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