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Robinson Crusoe from Blackstone Audio Books

Those seeking unabridged books on CD need to check out Blackstone's extensive catalog. They sell mostly unabridged books along with selected plays, speeches, and special programs. Their catalog is so large that titles are categorized under headings like "Literature of the 20th Century," "Literature" (i.e., classics), "Children's," "Non-fiction," "Politics," and "Religion."

Titles can be listened to on all sorts of devices, but audio CDs are also available.

Prices vary by the length of the books and other factors. For example, Robinson Crusoe on CDs sells for $9.98, while a download ranges from $10.98 to $16.76, depending which version you select. Renting the same book costs $6.95 for 30 days. Pride and Prejudice downloads cost anywhere from $4.98 to $20. A $12.99 monthly subscription includes a credit per month that will  cover the cost of most audio books offered through Blackstone.

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  • Grade Level: grades 3-12
  • Suitable For: independent study
  • Religious Perspective: secular
  • Educational Approaches: Charlotte Mason, classical, eclectic, traditional, unit study, unschooling or relaxed homeschooling
  • Special Audience: adults
  • Technology: audio CD, PDF

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