The New Way Things Work

The New Way Things Work

The New Way Things Work is a guide to the working of machines, written and illustrated along the same lines as other David Macaulay books, Castle, City, Pyramid, and Cathedral. This book is full of colorful and entertaining drawings, and the text is witty—sometimes silly.

Those of us who are intimidated by the technology behind the functioning of a can opener will find that all of that confusing machinery is actually very simple. Macaulay introduces basic mechanical principles, then shows how each principle is applied to different types of machinery. He covers inclined planes, levers, wheels and axles, gears and belts, cams and cranks, pulleys, screws, rotating wheels, springs, friction, floating, flying, pressure, power, exploiting heat, nuclear power, light and images, photography, printing, sound and music, telecommunications, electricity, magnetism, sensors and detectors, computers, and automation. Just think of how many science textbooks you can skip!

The book appeals to all ages and removes the intimidation factor from the study of physics.

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New Way Things Work / Macaulay

New Way Things Work / Macaulay
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