The World of Science

The World of Science

The World of Science is a lightly “edited” version of an original pictorial science book published by Parragon Publishing in 2004. My Father’s World and Master Books worked with the publisher to keep this excellent introductory science book in print while also editing out references to and images of early (prehistoric) man and correcting outdated information.

While there are many pictorial science books from publishers such as Usborne and DK Publishing, many of the most interesting ones include controversial information. So it is very helpful to have such a book without questionable content. On top of that, The World of Science is a hardcover book with 248 pages that you can purchase through MFW at a very reasonable price.

The World of Science , like many such books, dedicates about half of each page to full-color illustrations. This is the type of book that children (and maybe adults, too) are likely to explore for fun.

The book is divided into seven sections. The first six sections are topical, covering matter and chemicals; energy, motion, and machines; electricity and magnetism; light and sound; earth and life; and space and time. Each section is divided into numerous subtopics, each one presenting foundational information along with examples of real-life science applications, science discoveries, and biographies of famous scientists.

Section seven consists of 40 pages of science projects with illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Many projects are quite simple but some (such as creating a water turbine or making an electric motor) are more elaborate.

My Father’s World includes this book in their 1850 to Modern Times course for students in grades four through 8, and that grade range would also be my recommendation for the book’s audience. This book would make a great addition to your "school library."

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The World of Science ISBN 9780890516188 - $24.99 (discounted to $17.95 by MFW)
The World of Animals ISBN 9780890516171 - $24.99 (discounted to $17.95 by MFW)

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