A Beka Book Science and Health Texts (grades 1-6)

A Beka Book Science and Health Texts (grades 1-6)

Discovering God's World (Grade 1)

This full-color text provides some good information, but there is not a lot of material in the student text on its own. The teacher edition provides hands-on activities and other ideas you can use to make a complete course. It also includes the complete student text, but with answers overprinted in blue.

The question and answer aspect of the text at this level is relatively unimportant, and you might choose to purchase only the teacher edition and allow your child to use it as his or her text.

If you choose not to buy the teacher edition, you should supplement the student text with library books or other resources to complete your course. Topics covered are the human body, atmosphere, simple machines, magnets, animals, insects, plants, and seasons.

Enjoying God's World (Grade 2)

This full-color text is more substantial in content than the first grade book, but the amount of information on any single topic is still sparse. The teacher edition provides hands-on activities and other ideas you can use to make a more complete program. It also includes the complete student text, but with answers overprinted in blue. The question and answer aspect of the text at this level is still relatively unimportant. As with the first grade level, you might use only a teacher edition. If you forego the teacher edition, you will need to supplement the student text with library books or other resources.

Topics covered are health, animals, insects, plants, energy, force, friction, atmosphere, weather, the stars and planets, and the earth. While some topics are similar to those in the first grade book, different aspects of those topics are addressed.

Exploring God's World ( Grade 3)

This text teaches about the human body (sense organs), plants and animals, classification, the desert, oceans, ponds, forests, fields, and weather. "Something to Try" sidebars in the text suggest experiments and observations that demonstrate concepts in some of the lessons. Two correlated but optional audio CDs, Colonel Corn and The Fish with a Pole, are available. The Student Test and Review Sheet Booklet will save test preparation time for those who desire to test their children, but watch for excessive concern for detail at this level. The teacher's edition includes lesson plans, but there is a separate answer key. You probably need only the latter.

I suggest supplementing with some "real" books to expand on some of the topics introduced in this course. This course is intended to take one semester. The second semester of science is used by A Beka to cover Health, Safety, and Manners 3. I expect that you could cover that material in less than a semester and spend more time on the science topics.

Understanding God's World (Grade 4])

Understanding God's World includes a wide range of topics: scientific method, insects, plants, birds, matter, energy, geology, oceanography, and astronomy. Comprehension questions for discussion are scattered throughout the book. Written exercises are also included, and students can actually write in the books if you wish. However, there are not that many pages that would be written on, and it seems a shame to ruin a beautiful book by writing in it. Activities are included throughout the book. There is a curriculum guide with lesson plans (that also covers the health text) plus a separate answer key, but you might find the answer key sufficient. A Student Test and Quiz Booklet and a Student Activity Book, both with teacher's keys, are also available. A single set of Home School Science Teaching Charts for grades 4 through 6 might also be a useful investment.

Health related information is published separately in the text, Developing Good Health. Both books together provide a complete year-long science course.

Developing Good Health (Grade 4)

This book is intended for use along with Understanding God's World for a complete science course. Topics include physical fitness, hygiene, skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems, and interpersonal relationships. It should take about one-fourth of the school year to study this book. There are comprehension questions at the end of each unit.

Investigating God's World (Grade 5)

This fifth grade text teaches students about a combination of life, physical, and earth science topics such as plants, animals, matter, energy, light, minerals, and short biographies of Christian scientists. Review questions are in the book. Activities and demonstrations are included. The Curriculum book has lesson plans for both the science and health texts for fifth grade. A separate answer key is also available, and the Curriculum book is not really needed. Separate quiz and test booklets and corresponding answer keys are available. You can use the same set of . Home School Science Teaching Charts for grades 4 through 6, although they aren't essential. This text serves as three-fourths of a complete science course. Enjoying Good Health completes the fourth quarter.

Enjoying Good Health (Grade 5)

Topics in this text include physical fitness, the circulatory system, nutrition, safety, and first aid. It should take one quarter of the school year to cover this material.

Observing God's World (Grade 6) Fourth Edition 2010

Students study invertebrates, plants, earth, the universe, space, matter, and introductory chemistry in this text. The Curriculum is a guide for the teacher with lesson plans for both the science and health texts for sixth grade. This is not essential. A separate answer key is has answers to the science text questions. The TE is not necessary. In addition, there are a test booklet and quiz and worksheet booklet and corresponding answer keys. The optional set of charts is the same used for grades 4 through 6. The same set of charts works with both this and the earlier edition of this text. Use this text with Choosing Good Health for a complete course.

Choosing Good Health (Grade 6)

Lifestyle is the theme. Endocrine, immune, and nervous systems are studied. Hot topics in the health field such as drug abuse and AIDS are discussed from the standpoint of biblical values rather than the value-free approach attempted by secular texts. This is a nine-week course. The Curriculum book covers both the science text and this book, but it is not necessary. There are optional Health Teaching Charts that are used with the texts for grades 4 through 6.


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