Biology (A.C.E.)

Originally, A.C.E.'s Biology course consisted only of PACEs (A.C.E.'s self-instructional workbooks). When A.C.E. first produced a set of videos it changed the nature of this course significantly for those who chose to use them. The videos (now on DVD) are very professionally done and are interesting to watch. These are specially planned presentations with supplemental film footage, rather than videos of classes in progress. PACE questions and content closely mirrors the script for the DVDs, so students need not take notes as they watch.

The course is not as challenging as A Beka or BJU Press courses, but my judgment is that, if they use the DVDs, students will actually learn what is presented more easily and/or better than they might in more challenging courses because the presentation is so much more interesting. Character trait clips also add interest and biblical applications to the course.

Excellent lab presentations are included. Students are shown both actual and microscopic views of dissections, so they actually see more than they are likely to when doing their own dissections. Although the students do no actual lab work, they fill in reports documenting their understanding of experiments they watch on video.

My biggest complaint is that course questions and tests rely on repetition rather than deep thinking and analysis for learning. Students spend much time looking for the exact words required, rather than pondering concepts. For most students, this is not a major problem, but seriously inquisitive minds might find it too restrictive.

This course is one of A.C.E.'s best. The catch is the price, but more than one student can view the DVDs for the same price and you own the DVDs when you are done.

Those who do not use the DVDs, might consider the Biology Labs DVD that presents only the experiments rather than the entire course.

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DVDs $274.95
PACEs $39.60Biology Labs DVD $43.95Answer keys $13.20

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