AC/DC: The Exciting Electric Circuit Game

AC/DC: The Exciting Electric Circuit Game

Introduce the principles of electric circuitry with the AC/DC game, and I guarantee students will understand it better than if they try to get it from a textbook. The circuitry concepts are fairly basic—series or parallel circuits, power sources, switches, wiring, fuses, and energy users. An extra sheet which sums up the basic information (titled "What You Always Wanted to Know about Electricity But Were Afraid to Ask") is included. Diagrams of workable and unworkable circuits also help us figure some of this out. "Shock" and "Short" cards are included to keep the play interesting, although neither is really explained.

Three, twelve- to thirteen-year-old boys figured out how to play the game in about ten minutes on their own and gave it a thumbs up for fun. That means the rules are easily decipherable, and the game playing aspect is strong enough that they will play it more than once—something I can't say about many educational games.

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AC/DC Electric Circuit Game

AC/DC Electric Circuit Game
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