Our Roman Roots: A Catholic Student's Guide to Latin Grammar and Western Civilization

Our Roman Roots: A Catholic Student's Guide to Latin Grammar and Western Civilization

Our Roman Roots comes with three components: spiral-bound student worktext, teacher’s manual, and an audio CD. Suggested for grades four through eight, this course will accomplish some of your English language arts goals in vocabulary, grammar, and composition, and it will introduce your children to the study of Latin. Vocabulary is the primary emphasis, building English vocabulary based upon the study of Latin root words. In the process, it also teaches some history, character development, and Catholic traditions. This sounds like an eclectic mix of goals, but it blends together very nicely.

Each lesson begins with a Latin quote for the day and its English translation. Students try to connect words that correspond to one another. Each day a new Latin word is introduced with a list of English derivatives and their definitions. Children create their own notebooks where they copy this information. (They will add to this notebook as they complete other parts of each lesson.)

Memorization of oral passages from the audio CD are next, followed by grammar and vocabulary exercises. Some written exercises can be completed in the student worktext while others will need to be entered into the student’s notebook. Optional extension activities include such assignments as reading excerpts from classical works and responding with drawing or writing, telling a story related to the day’s character lesson, identifying human rights in the Declaration of Independence, and researching examples of freedoms lost during wartime. As you can see, some of these activities are quite challenging, so you will need to use your own judgment about which of these your children will do.

Continual review is built into the lessons and periodic quizzes are included. Students will need access to a good English dictionary as well as a Latin dictionary. You can teach lessons almost exclusively from the student text—students will complete much of their work independently. However, the teacher’s manual does add a few teaching suggestions as well as serve as your answer key. While the course can be taught by a parent without prior knowledge of Latin, an important explanation is missing in the first few lessons: in Latin, adjectives change their endings to reflect the case and gender of the noun they modify.

Our Roman Roots no longer seems to be available from the original publisher. While it is available on Amazon, I cannot tell where the books are coming from. The audio CD sold on Amazon shows the author as the source. 

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Our Roman Roots: A Catholic Student's Guide to Latin Grammar and Western Civilization

Our Roman Roots: A Catholic Student

    Our Roman Roots - CD for Student Text

    Our Roman Roots - CD for Student Text
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    • Religious Perspective: Catholic
    • Suitable For: group or one-on-one
    • Grade Level: grades 4-8
    • Need For Parent/Teacher Instruction: high

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