Roots of English

Roots of English

Roots of English offers a study of Latin and Greek roots appropriate for students as young as fifth grade, but it might be best for students in grades six through high school. A larger font and relatively simple explanations make it possible for younger students to work through the lessons, although lessons should be taught to younger children while older students might work independently. Some of the vocabulary taught through these lessons—e.g., malevolence, malefactor, expatriate—definitely reaches to high school level, but most is appropriate for elementary through junior high.

The book's 25 lessons might be used a lesson per week with younger children, while older students might move through them more speedily.

Roots of English works with Latin words that are used frequently in introductory Latin programs, but it also expands into Greek roots. This makes it an excellent resource for the study of vocabulary for all students, but most especially those pursuing a classical form of education.

Review quizzes for each lesson and Context Quizzes covering groups of lessons help students to review and retain knowledge.

Words are indexed in a variety of ways with indexes for complete words taught, words arranged by prefixes, words arranged by suffixes, roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

The single book contains instruction, exercises, indexes, and answer key. Occasional "Teacher Notes" add clarification that a parent might use to instruct a child, although these are not included in every lesson.

While I appreciate the book being self-contained, it might be a bit awkward to work with. It is not reproducible, but I expect many parents will want to separate at least the answer keys and, possibly, quizzes. However, the answer key begins on the back of the last index page, and quizzes are printed on the reverse of other lesson pages, making it difficult to separate them.

The Book of Roots, also by Paul O’Brien, ($19.95) is a workbook that is most appropriate for students in eighth grade through high school. An inexpensive answer key is available.

It teaches only Latin root words but it also teaches numerous English derivatives of each word. Students study the words, complete a written drill page, and do the matching and fill-in-the-blanks workbook exercises. It includes an extensive reference guide.

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