Updates for 102 Top Picks

Inevitably, there are changes to the products featured among my Top Picks after the book has been published. Brief descriptions of such changes appear below. If changes are significant enough, I will direct you to a revised version of my review that is available on my website.

Berean Builder Science series

There are now five volumes in series, and they have settled on Science in History as a series name. My current review is at https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-reviews-core-curricula/science/textbooks-and-grade-level-resources/science-in-history-series .

BJU Press Science series

The third editions of this series were reviewed for inclusion in 102 Top Picks. New fourth editions that are now available for grades four through six are very similar in content.

Complete Curriculum

Complete Curriculum no longer sells their membership option, but you can still download textbooks.

Easy Peasy

(Updates reflect the expansion of the courses available for high school level.)

Easy Peasy is a free online homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school, generously shared by a homeschooling mom named Lee Giles. More is added to the curriculum as she completes additional course plans. It is well on its way to eventually being a complete college prep program covering all of the way through high school....

Giles has also created a separate site for high school level at www.allinonehighschool.com. There are four years’ worth of courses for math, language arts, and science. Three years can be covered with courses for Bible, history, and physical education/health. The growing number of electives include such as courses as art appreciation, music appreciation, and three years of Spanish. Courses continue to use online resources such as courses from Georgia Virtual Learning and CK12, so no textbooks need to be purchased. While Giles has created some of the high school lessons, Easy Peasy fans have contributed others.

Essentials in Writing

Essentials in Writing was originally offered as a set of DVDs with a PDF file for the worktext for each course. Worktexts are now available only in printed format along with the DVDs or a streaming option

God's Design Science

God's Design Science is now available in the fourth edition. The content is updated but remains very similar. The age range covered for all books has been narrowed to grades three through eight. Resources formerly available on a CD-ROM are now free digital downloads.

Language Lessons for Today

My Father’s World has published three more books in their Language Lessons for Today series. See my updated review which includes all five books.

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth has now added a seventh-grade pre-algebra course.

Math Without Borders

David Chandler has added a Calculus course to his Math Without Borders Home Study Companions series. Prices for each Home Study Companion are now $79 each.

Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts Courses

I have revised the section of this review regarding MCT Literature courses since two new courses are now available, and their use in conjunction with other MCT courses has been slightly rearranged. See the revised section in my review.

The World of Animals

The World of Animals edition co-published by My Father's World has unfortunately gone out of print.

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