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Competent Carl

copyright 2023 Cathy Duffy (Excerpted from 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. Do not copy or reproduce.) Competent Carl likes to be in control of himself and his surroundings. He tends to be analytical, constantly trying to figure out what makes things tick. Problem-solving is typically something he enjoys. Their analytical and logical bent typically makes math and science their strong subjects while the more subjective humanities (i.e., language arts, literature, social studies) might be weaker subjects. Social skills can be another weak area. Often Competent Carls have difficulty understanding and relating to their peers. Because of this, and sometimes simply by choice, they enjoy solitary activity. They expect others to operate the same way they do, and they don’t find it easy to adapt to other ways of doing things. Competent Carls tend to be self-motivated and enjoy long-term, independent projects. They have their own ideas about what they want to learn, as well as when and how they want to learn. Some Competent Carls love to brainstorm—think out loud. These more-verbal Competent Carls will probably want a more interactive learning environment or at least one that allows them to ask questions and talk through what they are learning. One-on-one teaching or small groups are likely to be better than large groups for Competent Carl. For more information about learning styles, read chapter 4 in either 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum or How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum.

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