How to Lie With Statistics

How to Lie With Statistics

How to Lie with Statistics is a small, paperback book that was originally written in 1954. It has been reprinted at least thirty-six times according to my copy of the book.

The author introduces us to all of the shady ways that statistics can be interpreted to say whatever one desires. In a very humorous way, he talks about how advertisers carefully choose just the right numbers, and manipulate those numbers to enhance their products.

 Advertisers are not the only culprits targeted by Mr. Huff. Pollsters and politicians are equally exposed. While teens can read this on their own, it is the type of book that is fun when shared out loud. Watch out for a few references to the Kinsey sexual research. These can easily be skipped. Also, be aware that data has not been updated since the original printing. Even so, the author's point still comes across clearly—we have to be alert and thinking logically when we evaluate information, such as that in advertisements and commercials, that has been designed to influence our behavior.

Use this as part of a logic course or as a supplement or introduction to statistics; it does not address the proper and legitimate use of statistics to a significant extent.

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How to Lie with Statistics

How to Lie with Statistics
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