How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

In How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum, the first five chapters are similar to those in Cathy Duffy's 103 Top Picks. In 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, Cathy includes charts and reviews so you can apply what you learn in the first five chapters to sort through the best products on the market.

For those who prefer to search through all of Cathy Duffy's reviews on her website, we've made that process easier with the free advanced search tool on this website. You can apply (directly on the website) what you learn from the first five chapters of either How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum or 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. The advanced search tool will search through all the products Cathy has reviewed instead of just her Top Picks. (Access the tool by clicking on “Advanced Search.”) The sixth chapter in How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum describes how to use the advanced search feature on the website.

What Top Picks readers have said:

"This has been such a lifesaver for me.  I'm still fairly new to homeschooling and checking out curriculums here first has saved me countless dollars in purchasing unnecessary curriculum that would simply end up on the bookshelf.  This book (as well as her website) is an invaluable source of information!  We are now homeschooling in a way that is perfectly tailored to my child....finally!"
- Kathi W., Co-op Member

"Our first attempt at homeschooling was, at best, a dismal success. We used pre-packaged curriculum and only one child out of the three was happy with it. At the end of that year, I purchased Cathy's first book but we decided to enroll our children in a Charter school so the book was never opened. After much prayer, we felt that it was necessary to give homeschooling another chance. I pulled out Cathy's book and set to work planning an approach to this school year. Her website was another great resource and on it I found a link to update to the latest version of her book. What a goldmine! We are using curriculum tailored specifically to each child in each subject. While homeschooling still has its difficult moments, I'm happy to say that they are not caused by the curriculum. I'm looking forward to calling this year a success thanks to this book."
- Christina Jay, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

In 102 Top Picks, Cathy simplifies the curriculum selection process with questionnaires and charts. She walks her readers through the process of figuring out their preferences in terms of a philosophy of education, learning styles, and goal setting.

Note: Both of Cathy's books are only available in PDF format.

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