My Teaching Library

My Teaching Library

My Teaching Library offers some freebies that might be of interest, but the individual items, bundles, and subscription plans that you pay for are worth investigating. The site has more than 50,000 pages of educational material for all grade levels. This includes single worksheets, books of worksheets, parent forms, graphic organizers, templates, shape books, certificates, flashcards, games, lapbooks, science experiments, reprints of out-of-print textbooks, and much more. While some resources are donated or loaned by others, many of the current resources have been created by Lynda Ackert.

You can search the site in a number of different ways, but it can still be challenging to find what you are looking for. While there is a hodge-podge of resources, you could theoretically put together a substantial part of your curriculum from these resources. I expect that most homeschooling parents will pick and choose from among most of the resources as supplements, but some of the reprinted textbooks might serve as core curricula. On top of options for core subjects, there are extras for the seasons and holidays such as President’s Day and Valentine’s Day as well as an assortment of calendar and organizing/record-keeping pages for parents to create their own customized homeschool organizer.

Following are descriptions of just a few examples of what is available.

The resources for phonics and beginning reading are so extensive that you could theoretically build your own reading program from them. Beginning Phonics: Letter Sounds introduces one sound for each letter. The Learn to Read Bundle consists of ten small books that teach children to read by presenting phonetic concepts within word families. Mega-Phonics: Blends Volume 1 and Mega Phonics: Blends Volume 2 are both large books that focus on blending. There are also charts, posters, and word wheels (manipulatives that you put together for children to practice hands-on phonics). If you want, you can also use McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer.

There are plenty of topical resources for specific areas of math. For example, there are at least 13 small books on fractions and at least six on decimals.

A two-part World History course has 600-pages in the first part that covers up through the nineteenth century, then 300 pages in part two that covers up through WWII. The course seems most appropriate for junior high. Students should move through it rather quickly since the font is large and the pages include fill-in-the-blanks worksheets and some blank “backs of pages” from the original. Teacher’s guides include the answers. This is a comprehensive course that includes religious events without taking any religious or denominational stands, so it should work for many homeschooling families.

The 68-page Human Anatomy Coloring Book covers all of the body systems at a level appropriate fifth grade and above.

For handwriting, there are resources for both printing and cursive as well as some for copywork.


For $45 a year or $225 for a lifetime membership, you can access everything  Yearly subscribers have access to resources only while their membership is in effect.

I suspect that most homeschoolers will find lots of very useful resources at My Teaching Library that will more than offset the cost of membership.

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Subscriptions: $45 a year or $225 for a lifetime membership

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