Ultimate Issues seminar

Ultimate Issues seminar

In the Ultimate Issues seminar, R.C. Sproul presents four, 30-minute segments that address basic worldview questions. Filmed interviews (man-on-the-street style) with young people are interspersed throughout all of the segments. The contrasting answers from a wide variety of worldviews beautifully illustrate each topic. Sproul speaks with passion and body language which also enhances the "watchability" and "listenability" factors.

The first presentation, "There Are Only Two Worldviews," contrasts atheism and theism as being on opposite ends of a spectrum. Beliefs based on fundamental presuppositions about God are shown to result in continual conflicts, especially in regard to ethics. The second segment, "The God Who is There," deals with the existence of God. Sproul examines philosophical beliefs about reason and our knowledge of God that get into some fairly deep territory. "His Word is Truth," the third presentation, explores the reliability and authority of Scripture, considering its role as a source of truth. The last segment, "Christ the Only Way," covers the basics of salvation, while delving into topics like "forensic justification" and the role of forgiveness in salvation.

The first segment is one of the best introductions to worldviews I have seen or heard. The third segment does a good job of explaining the vital role of Scripture in a Christian worldview. The final segment is a strong presentation of the reformed Protestant understanding of salvation and justification, the value of which will depend upon the audience, their spiritual maturity, and personal theological beliefs. The second segment is the most challenging for teens—it is heavy on philosophy and harder to understand than the other three.

This presentation is available on in audio or video, streaming or downloads. You can watch the first segment of the four segments for free online. Students need not watch or listen to all four segments. While the entire presentation is of value, you might decide that some segments are more appropriate or useful at certain times than others.

While these presentations are available in audio only, I definitely recommend the video versions instead because they are so visually engaging and cost nothing more.

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DVD - $20, CD - $17, downloadable audio and video files - $8 for all four files

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