The Recorder Factory for Home, School, Church

The Recorder Factory for Home, School, Church

The Recorder Factory for Home/School/Church is a 32-page book that teaches how to play a soprano recorder while also introducing music theory. As the title indicates, the book was written particularly for Christians.

The publisher, The Music Factory, sells the book on its own or bundled with either a neon-colored, basic recorder or an upgraded recorder. Either way, the recorder is inexpensive.

The first three pages of the book explain how the recorder is used, how to care for it, and how to play the first three notes. Then students immediately start playing their first two songs.

The book teaches students to play numerous, short songs, many of them based on the Bible and Christian themes—songs such as “God is So Good,” “Jesus in the Morning,” and “O Come, Let Us Adore Him.” A couple of times, the book urges students to read the Bible verses referenced next to the titles of the songs.

Many other songs in the book might be found in secular books for beginning players of the recorder—songs like “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and “Yankee Doodle.” Short musical exercises intermixed among the songs are given names, and children might not even distinguish between songs and exercises.

Instruction on music theory and on how to play the notes is provided bit by bit, followed by immediate application or practice. Students learn to play 11 notes as they work through the book.

One matching-columns quiz on page 12 checks students’ grasp of music theory, but they are continually challenged to read the music and all notations they’ve learned as they play each song. So their knowledge should be reflected in their ability to accurately read and play the music.

Once students complete this book, they might want to move on to learn another wind instrument (woodwind/brass) that relies on the techniques and theory they have learned. Or they might want to apply their musical knowledge to a different type of instrument.

Whatever the follow-up, The Recorder Factory is a great way to introduce a musical instrument to children.

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book - $7.95
neon-colored recorder - $5
upgraded recorder - $12

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