A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays is a 600+ page volume that presents an activity-based approach to learning about Biblical holidays. It is designed for the entire family. It can be used as a home school curriculum for an entire year or only for certain seasons (instructions for these options are included). It also includes instructions for use in Bible study groups, church groups, Sunday or Sabbath schools, and co-op groups. There is a special home school section at the back of the book that outlines nine thematic unit studies incorporating activities for literature, writing, history, geography, art, science, and the use of library resources.

The first section of the book is overview, background, and historical study of the Hebrew roots of the feasts. This section also includes crafts and activities that might be used for any one or more of the feasts. Next, are sections on each of the feasts: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Weeks, Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, Tabernacles, Hanukkah, and Purim. Sabbath celebration is then presented as a weekly feast.

Each of the Biblical feasts from the Old Testament is examined for historical and spiritual significance. Original Jewish customs are described. Charts are used for such things as comparing aspects of each feast's observance in one column with the Messianic significance in a second column. Next, are extensive suggestions and instructions for conducting your own celebration of the feast, including recipes. Reproducible activity pages are appropriate for elementary grade children. As part of your curriculum, this will primarily be a Bible curriculum, serving supplementally for all other subject areas. This is wonderful for whole family participation or even combining with other families to share the celebrations.

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A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays: with Activiti

A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays: with Activiti
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  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: high
  • Learning Environment: family or small group
  • Grade Level: grades PreK-12
  • Special Audience: adults
  • Educational Methods: life applications, interactive, hands-on, experiential, traditional activity pages or exercises
  • Educational Approaches: unschooling or relaxed homeschooling, unit study, traditional, eclectic
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant

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