The Christian Alphabet Book

The Christian Alphabet Book

The Christian Alphabet Book is great for preschool through even second or third grade. It uses the alphabet to teach basics of the Christian faith rather than sounds of the letters and reading skills. This is a beautiful, hardcover book with full color throughout.

As you can see from the cover illustration, each letter is artistically formed with ancient and modern images that have been used to express Christian beliefs. The images within each letter don't necessarily tie to the the key word assigned to each letter. For example,"O" for "omnipotent" is made from a crown of thorns. The crown of thorns reminds us that Jesus suffered and died for us. The crown of thorns is adorned with a red rose and a butterfly. The red rose is a symbol or martyrdom, reminding us of all those who have died for Christ. The butterfly symbolizes the resurrection.

Each letter has a two page spread. On the left, the lesson begins with the word and its meaning. A brief lesson follows; this can be read directly to your child. A discussion question or activity is included in each lesson. At the bottom of the left page is a prayer you might pray with your child. The right side features the artistic letter and a related Bible verse. At the bottom is a "Seek and you shall find" activity that lists the symbols within the artistic letter; children should enjoy trying to find each one of these within the letter. The "O" I described is one of the simplest; some have five symbols embedded in them. At the back of the book are pictures and explanations for the symbols.

The book includes the words for "The Christian Alphabet Song." You can listen to a lovely recording of the song by Second Chance on the publisher's website, or you can purchase it on a CD that also includes beautifully sung versions of "Jesus Loves Me," "Silent Night," and "Amazing Grace." These other three songs seem like an odd assortment, but they are integrated into the lessons in various places. For example, "N" is for "nativity," and the song "Silent Night" is introduced in this lesson. The CD is not required since most parents will already know the tunes for the other three songs, but it is a lovely enhancement to the book.

I would guess that the author is Catholic because Scripture verses are from the NIV, NAB, and the Catholic Edition of the RSV. Also the symbols tend to be more familiar to those who attend liturgical churches. However, the book is written in a way that should be doctrinally acceptable to all Christians.

Note: This company also sells personalized prints of names written with the artistic letters used in the book.

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List Price: book - $19.95, CD - $4.95

The Christian Alphabet Book: Teaching Children about Jesus, Prayer, and the Bible

The Christian Alphabet Book: Teaching Children about Jesus, Prayer, and the Bible
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