Alone With God Bible Studies

Alone With God Bible Studies

This series of Bible study guides can be used by the entire family or independently by students who can read on their own. Each study covers a book (or part of a book) of the Bible, proceeding verse by verse. Daily lessons for Monday through Saturday are set out, with a single memory verse provided for each week. Each lesson begins with prayer and reading or recitation of the memory verse. Check-off boxes are provided so that these crucial steps are not omitted. Next, students read through the Scripture verses covered that day, then answer questions in the workbook regarding those verses. Questions are recall, factual questions rather than interpretive or application. At the end of the week, a "Think and Pray About It" section raises some of the deeper issues. Many, but not all, daily lessons add an extra comment or explanation relating to the verses.

The actual lessons (after prayer and memory work) should take less than 10 minutes a day, unless you choose to expand discussion yourself. Non-reading, younger children (ages 4-6) can participate in such studies, since they need only listen carefully to answer questions. No teacher preparation time is needed. These studies should suit those looking for Bible curriculum that provides continuity without a lot of work.

Titles in this series all read I Can Study (insert "Esther" or another book of the Bible here) Alone With God. Books of the Bible for which there are 13-week studies include Jonah and Ruth (in a single book), Esther, and 1 Samuel. Acts is a 52-week study.

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I Can Study I Samuel Alone With God - King James Version (Alone With God Bible Studies)

I Can Study I Samuel Alone With God - King James Version (Alone With God Bible Studies)

I Can Study Acts Alone With God (NIV Version)

I Can Study Acts Alone With God (NIV Version)
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