Bible Truths Curriculum, Levels A-F for grades 7-12

Bible Truths Curriculum, Levels A-F for grades 7-12

There are six books in the upper-level BJU Press Bible Truths series for junior and senior high students.

  • A: The Life of Christ
  • B: The Story of the Old Testament
  • C: Lessons from the Early Church
  • D: Themes from the Old Testament
  • E: Directions for Early Christians
  • F: Patterns for Christian Living

The first three of these are now in their fourth editions, while the last three are third editions. While the fourth edition courses are more challenging, the third editions are still excellent.

The fourth editions have been totally rewritten with slightly more-challenging content that is better aligned with the needs of junior and senior high students. For instance, B: The Story of the Old Testament now teaches students skills for independent Bible study. The questions at the end of each lesson have also been changed. Previously, most questions relied on simple comprehension. The new "Thinking it Through" questions include some comprehension questions along with others that require thoughtful analysis and personal application. (Note that Thinking it Through questions had already been incorporated into the third edition of F: Patterns for Christian Living.)

This series covers the most important content of both the Old and New Testaments while also teaching about salvation and Christian living from a Protestant point of view. The solid content helps students build both a body of knowledge and a relationship with God. Scripture memory work is included.

For each course, there is a student textbook, a teacher's edition, a test packet, and an answer key for the tests. Student textbooks are printed in full color and are written with lots of stories and practical applications that are likely to keep teens engaged. The third editions of the student textbooks include lines for students to write their answers to questions directly in the books, but those lines are gone from the fourth editions. (So fourth edition student textbooks can be reused.)

The teacher's editions have reduced images of student pages surrounded by teaching notes and answers in the margins. A Teacher's Tooklit CD-ROM with extra resources is included with each teacher's edition. The most useful of those resources are probably the printable exercises for each section of the book. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you might even use a student textbook without the teacher's edition or tests. Simply having students read the textbook and discuss the questions with you might be a great way to help them with their spiritual formation and avoid having the study of their faith seem like just another course with tests to be passed.

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Bible Truths F Teacher Edition 2ED

Bible Truths F Teacher Edition 2ED

Bible Truths A Student Worktext 4ED

Bible Truths A Student Worktext 4ED

Bible Truths A Tests Answer Key 4th Edition

Bible Truths A Tests Answer Key 4th Edition

BJU Bible Truths Student Worktext Level C (Grade 9

BJU Bible Truths Student Worktext Level C (Grade 9
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Instant Key

  • Need For Parent or Teacher Instruction: minimal
  • Learning Environment: all situations
  • Grade Level: grades 7-12
  • Educational Methods: stories, memorization, life applications, discussion
  • Technology: supplemental digital content
  • Educational Approaches: traditional
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant

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