Discovering The Bible (DVD course)

Discovering The Bible (DVD course)

Vision Video worked with Christian History Institute, publishers of the highly-regarded Christian History magazine, to produce this excellent video-based study about the Bible. It consists of videos and a set of PDF files.

There are four 30-minute video presentations, available either on a DVD or as MP4 digital downloads. The four sections are titled, "Getting Acquainted" (an overview), "The Old Testament," "The New Testament," and "Preservation, Circulation, and Influence."

There is a companion, 32-page PDF booklet that has a colorful, illustrated summary of each of the four sections. This booklet reflects information on the videos. 

A PDF Leader's Guide presents complete lesson plans for presenting the videos, guiding discussion, working with student handouts, and directing related Bible study. It also includes further background information for the teacher. Unlike most study guides that accompany videos, this one seems to be well-thought-out.

Another PDF has student handouts and worksheets that can be printed for students to use with each lesson.

The entire course can be presented as four lengthy lessons, or each lesson can be split so that you watch the video one time and use the activities, discussion, and Bible study another time.

Discovering the Bible's presentation is non-denominational Protestant. It covers issues such as authenticity, historicity, organization, the canon, transmission, conflicts, and impact of the Bible.

Animations, film clips, reenactments, interviews, and many other film techniques are used to maintain interest, although it does move a little slowly at times. Students will probably most enjoy the fourth segment that incorporates lengthy clips from films about Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Luther.

While the course emphasizes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, it does not delve into deeper questions of inerrancy. Consequently, it functions best as either an introduction to the Bible or a survey course for those who already are somewhat familiar rather than as an in-depth study.

It should be ideal for junior and senior high students, but I highly recommend that teachers familiarize themselves with the support materials and the videos ahead of time so they can interject discussion or activities if the video moves too slowly through some of the sections. This also works well as a family course led by a parent or for use in Sunday School classes.

Vision Video offers extra support materials including videos (e.g., John Wycliffe: The Morning Star and God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale) and issues of Christian History magazine. See also the review of a possible follow-up series from Vision Video, The Trial and Testimony of the Early Church.

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