Polished Cornerstones

Polished Cornerstones

See the review of Plants Grown Up. This volume follows the same format, this time focusing on raising girls to meet the standards of the Proverbs 31 woman. It tackles subjects like money management, housekeeping, organization, meal planning, church activities, and teaching. It recommends resources such as Beautiful Girlhood, Christian Character (by Gary Maldaner), The Excellent Wife (by Martha Peace), Hidden Art of Homemaking (by Edith Schaeffer), Homework Manual for Biblical Living (2 volumes), Nave's Topical Bible, Shorter Catechism for Study Classes (2 volumes), Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, and the Westminster Standards. Many other resources are recommended, but those listed are the most essential.

A number of activities and recommended resources duplicate those found in Plants Grown Up since the goal in spiritual development is the same. This makes it easy to teach both sons and daughters using both volumes. You can use the similar lessons from one or the other volume for all your children (watching for age propriety), then pursue the other activities more appropriate for girls or boys.

An optional comb-bound book, Polished Cornerstones Memory Verses, contains the suggested memory verses for this volume. This makes personal study and memorization much more convenient.

As with Plants Grown Up, this volume will easily provide adequate Bible study, but coverage of other subjects will depend upon the activities you select. It will not be comprehensive for any of your basic academic subjects for older students, although you might find it sufficient for the early elementary grades for social studies.

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Polished Cornerstones: Projects for Daughters on the Path to Womanhood

Polished Cornerstones: Projects for Daughters on the Path to Womanhood
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  • Religious Perspective: Protestant

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