Building Christian English series

Building Christian English series

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Rod and Staff's Building Christian English series has hardcover textbooks for each grade level plus a teacher's manual, optional sets of extra worksheets for grades 3-8, test booklets for grades 2-8, and tests and editing worksheets for asessment for grades 9-10.

These texts are great for those who prefer a formal academic approach without any "fluff." They have comprehensive coverage of grammar and fairly good coverage of composition skills (better at upper levels than lower), clear explanations, examples and plenty of practice activities. Very appropriately, the emphasis shifts from grammar to composition in upper grade levels, adding the subject area of speech.

While the series through eighth grade is grade-level specific, the last two books, titled Communicating Effectively Book 1 and Book 2, may be taught in whichever order you please.

Content reflects a Christian viewpoint and Mennonite culture.

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Instant Key

  • Suitable For: all situations
  • Audience: some teacher in early grades, minimal in upper grades
  • Prep Time Needed: none
  • Teacher's Manual: useful
  • Religious Perspective: Mennonite

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