Literature and Creative Writing PACE courses

Literature and Creative Writing PACE courses

Twelve PACEs comprise each grade level for these courses. There are four answer keys for each course. Be certain when you order that you get both. Grades 4 through 6 also have book kits with the literature required for each course. You may obtain these from other sources or purchase the kits.

Structured similarly to their other PACE courses, these stretch further to include real books and more composition work than in the other courses.

Following is a review of the fourth grade course.

The fourth grade level of Literature and Creative Writing includes six books to enhance the literature component: Choice Stories for Children, Charlotte's Web, Saved at Sea, Children's Missionary Library, The Red Rag Riddle, and The Little Green Frog. These books, coupled with the PACE content, produce a thoroughly Christian course that stresses godly character development.

Another significant feature is the inclusion of lessons for sequential development of composition skills. Children do some copying, a useful way to build familiarity with sentence structure. They also learn to write sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation then combine sentences into paragraphs. The number of writing assignments is limited, but the progressive development leads children through such activities as writing a new ending for a story, writing a letter, writing an invitation, and writing a full page "sketch." Spelling, handwriting, and vocabulary might be covered adequately for some students within this course. Others might need more targeted practice in those areas.

The second grade level course is similar but it incorporates one-page stories rather than using separate books. The focus is upon developing beginning writing skills, and it also includes handwriting practice and development of reading fluency.

Fifth grade level is similar to fourth grade, but books used are Choice Stories For Children, North To Amaroqvik, Heidi, Miracle At Camp Friendship, A Dog Of Flanders, and Star Of Light.

Likewise, sixth grade level uses the books The Fugitive King, Christians With Courage, Alexi's Secret Mission, Grandpa's Christmas Gift, Little Pilgrim's Progress, and Treasures Of The Snow.

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