Economics: Work and Prosperity (A Beka)

Economics: Work and Prosperity (A Beka)

This outstanding text by the late Dr. Russell Kirk, one of the leading conservative writers in the United States, seems less like a textbook than other A Beka books, probably because it is so well written. Dr. Kirk uses our daily encounters with economics (at the grocery store, the shopping mall, etc.) to illustrate principles, but he also tackles larger, philosophical issues in a very understandable fashion. As we would expect from this author, he explains and defends the free enterprise system. (The Austrian School of economics is clearly preferred to Keynesian economics.) Competition, supply and demand, and government influence upon economics are also covered. Since Dr. Kirk died in 1994, others have worked to update the text for this present edition. Newer sections deal with the global economy, international trade agreements, and U.N. Operations. These are all presented from a conservative perspective that recognizes problems with global governance.

Thought/discussion questions are at the end of each small section, and a mix of vocabulary words, identification and thought/essay questions is at the end of each chapter. The questions are dramatically different from those found in most A Beka texts—they are interesting and relevant.

The book is listed in the catalog as a one-semester course for twelfth grade level, but the reading level is appropriate for most high schoolers. The limiting factor is that students must have the familiarity with modern history that is necessary for full comprehension. Consider using this text with A Beka's American Government text since each is a one-semester course. BJUP's American Government course could also be used in conjunction with A Beka's Economics. (Note: Parents unfamiliar with the Austrian School of economics should read along with students for the education they missed.)

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