Basics of Biblical Greek

Basics of Biblical Greek

Basics of Biblical Greek was designed for independent study and is appropriate for mature teens and adults. It is significantly more thorough and challenging than Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day and much more condensed than Hey, Andrew!! Teach me some Greek! It was written for those wishing to learn Koine Greek for biblical study and ministry.

It uses both deductive and inductive methods of teaching. While students learn cases, declensions, conjugations, and vocabulary lists the author has tried to minimize the amount of rote memorization required.

Companion lectures are available on the author’s website: Brief 8 to 10 minute lectures are free, and full length lectures may be purchased. I’d experiment with the brief lectures first to see if they might suffice.

The “Grammar” book is a hardcover student text book. With over 400 pages in a large 8.5 x 11” format, there is a lot of content to cover. Two-color printing and the frequent insertion of the cartoon-character “Professor” add some visual appeal. Footnotes and Advanced Information sections might be skipped by struggling students although they will enrich the learning experience for those who can profit from the additional information.

Section overviews, chapter overviews, and “halftime reviews” help students identify and review the main concepts. A sizable Appendix includes grammar charts and lists plus a Lexicon of all words that occur ten times or more in the Greek New Testament.

Add to this a 223-page workbook with exercises to accompany textbook lessons. Students work on parsing, translation, and grammar. Some inductive learning takes place through these exercises and students are encouraged to write notes on what they have learned in the “Grammar” textbook where space has been provided for “Workbook Summary” in each lesson. Reviews in the workbook should be used like tests, although students should go back and restudy anything they miss. An answer key for the workbook is available free at That website also has other extras such as Greek Bingo, vocabulary learning software, Greek fonts, and Bible passages students should be able to read after completing the course.

Optional flashcards and an audio CD designed for this course are also available.

I would recommend this course to mature, self-motivated students who are able to work well on their own.

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Basics of Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards (The Zondervan Vocabulary Builder Series)

Basics of Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards (The Zondervan Vocabulary Builder Series)
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  • Grade Level: grades 11-12
  • Suitable For: independent study
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant
  • Educational Approaches: traditional
  • Special Audience: adults

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