The Easy Spanish! (¡El Español Fácil!)

The Easy Spanish! (¡El Español Fácil!)

Please read the review of Le Français Facile! (The Easy French) since the educational approach and format are the same for both programs. Both programs at all levels are easy for the parent to teach even if he or she does not know the language.

¡El Español Fácil! is a newer program, and only the single-volume version of Level I and the Junior Level (for grades K-3) are available thus far. As with the French program, Level I might serve as a two-three year program for a student in the elementary grades through junior high or as a one-year program for a high school student.

The Level I program teaches the vosotros forms that are sometimes omitted when a program focuses only on Spanish spoken in Mexico. ¡El Español Fácil! aspires to educate children to share the gospel in Spanish speaking countries all over the world, so it uses the broader vocabulary as well as cultural references that include Spain and the Americas. It sometimes mentions differences in language usage from one country to another.

Each program comes with 2 CDs with the same combinations of printable activity pages, audio lessons, with a few songs. While the Junior Level of the French program includes seven songs, the Spanish program has only a few. If you want more Spanish songs, you might want to purchase the separate Spanish Kids Songs CD. This enhanced CD also has printable activity pages, history of the songs, illustrations, and actions to go along with the songs. This CD is appropriate for children in kindergarten through about third or fourth grade.

Phonogram cards printed on heavy cardstock and a sampler CD are also available as for the French program.

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Junior level $69.95 USD
Level I single volume $139.95 USD
Level I grammar e-book $14.95 USD
Phonogram cards $10 USD
Sampler CD $15 USD
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